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    Backup Solutions


    Did you know that computers can lose their data at anytime? This is because most computers are based on Magnetic head Harddrives and contain fragile moving parts.

    If your computer is older than 12 months, or is a laptop portable device;  you are particularly prone to data loss.

    Could you cope if you suddenly lost all your important files – Uni assignments, work documents, school work… your CV? What if you lost all your years of music collection?


    The solution to data loss is backup backup backup. In fact, it is recommended that to be entirely secure of your data, you need 3 copies of it, 2 different media, and one off site backup.

    If you are running Windows Vista, Mac OS X or Windows 7, did you know that a capacity for automatic backup, already built in, and FREE?

    If not, we can help you setup a system of backup that will ensure that your data is always safe. Can’t configure your Windows Vista, Mac OS X or Windows 7 computer to backup? Give us a call and we can do it all for you!


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