Computer Help Me! We speak plain English! Does your computer drive you up the wall? Does it not work the way you want it to? Would you like to be able to use the internet away from the modem? Have you lost all your music in iTunes? Do you want your calendar on your phone and your computer too? Servicing the local Ryde area. If your problem isn't solved, there's no charge! How good's that? Mac and PC experience - No Call Out fee - Outcalls to Eastwood and Ryde areas More


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    I’ve lost all of my files off my computer! Help!!

    Don’t panic. We can potentially get those files back, so long as the harddrive isn’t damaged; but ¬†you must stop using the computer now. When files are deleted, the are not actually deleted from the disk, merely removed from the index, so the file often remains there, until that same space is needed again by another file. Because every time when we use our computer we are writing data to the disk, it is important for the best chance of recovery to stop using the computer, and shut down ASAP.

    Help! I have a virus / Spyware that I cannot remove!

    Never fear. Viruses and spyware occur from time to time on Windows computers. We can try and restore you computer to normal, and if not, reinstall the operating system so that everything is functioning normally. After that has happened, we can reinstall you programmes, and set you up with anti-virus software to ensure the problem doesn’t happen again.

    I need to setup an Anti-virus software on my computer but I am not sure … are there any free alternatives?

    Yes. Computer help me can install and set up a free, no cost anti-virus solution. Just call us for more information.

    Everything has gone wrong, and my computer is slow and full of viruses – I want to start again like a brand new computer

    That is no problem either. Computer help me can take the original disks that your computer came with and reinstall everything to make sure everything is working just like the first day you first bought it. Just call us to arrange a time.


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